Ladderburners. Unite!

It's time to change the way you think about work.


Success at work is not what you think.

(Hint: it’s NOT the traditional corporate ladder climb) 

You can absolutely advance in your career – AND not lose yourself and your passion in the process. It’s time to change the game you’re playing at work – explore a new way: Ladderburning! 

Join our community of professionals finding greater purpose in their work while making the world a better, more connected, place.


A wake up call to take charge of your career growth!

– Jenny Knuth, Artist & Entrepreneur

Relatable, Clear, and Encouraging.

– Corry Joe Biddle, Executive Director / FUEL Milwaukee

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a road map for crafting one's career.

– John Poirier, Ed.D / Executive Coach + Professor of Human Resources

Become your best professional self...

– Kim Huettl, Program Manager, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Real Talk about Career Success


Yes, the Ladderburner approach can work for you:​

Ladderburner match

Frustrated with promises of success, but still no promotion?

After 12-15 years of busting your butt, it's time you stop waiting.

Ladderburner match

Stuck in your own head + struggling with uncertainty?

It's time to get over your imposter syndrome.

Ladderburner match

Ready to take a
big leap + ignite
your spark?

Stepping into a new role or your very own startup, we're here for you.

Smarter. Shrewder. Faster. Freer.

Get ready for a different kind of leadership development and career growth. Ladderburners are a unique group of individuals who won’t settle for status quo. 

Alan Patterson


Alan has inspired hundreds of clients over the past four decades – but not by using standard coaching methods. Instead, he guides career-driven professionals down a path toward meaningful work that is not only successful but also rewarding.

– Frequently Asked Questions –

A Ladder Burner is someone who understands that climbing the corporate ladder is a misplaced effort. Burners redirect their energy to building relationships and helping others succeed as the way to further their impact and career.

Climbing the ladder is a myth. Today’s job promise could be tomorrow’s pink slip. Burning the ladder makes you realize that putting control of your career in someone else’s hands is dumb. No matter what anyone tells you,  no one is more invested in your professional development than you. Period.

No. It is a different way of thinking about your success with an emphasis on the specific skills for building relationships, influence, working through others, selling ideas, and impacting the business. 

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The impact of a Ladderburner mindset says it all.

Enlightening + invigorating

From holding the mirror up when I really need it for self-reflection, to cheering me on when I needed a push off the cliff to do the “hard stuff”— this approach to career coaching is both enlightening and invigorating!

– Kelly N., Enterprise Leadership

Stronger + more confident than ever

Removing doubt, redirecting negative perception, and focusing on my strengths. Ladderburner coaching has helped me push Imposter Syndrome to the side & resulted in me flourishing in so many areas.

– Sheryl G., Senior Project Manager

Good for business

I moved from no role, to expert and now a partner in our business by doing things described: always looking for what I can help with to make the business better.

– Eva P., Tax Professional

Join the movement!

If you choose purpose over power, collective advancement over solo achievements, this mindset & community is for you.