5 critical steps to finding that career that fits who you are

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What do you do for a living? Are you living in what you do? Many people are stuck in careers or jobs they hate, but you don’t have to play the game of climbing the corporate ladder to get ahead.

In this podcast, Dr. Alan Patterson and the host of A New Direction Podcast, Jay Izso, talk about 5 critical steps to finding a career that fits who you are. 

Here’s what Alan had to share about the conversation:

When people become a ladderburner and are in pursuit of work with meaning, they need to a foundation of 3 basic beliefs:

#1: Be the owner of your own professional and personal development.
#2: It’s up to you to find meaning and purpose.
#3: Focus on building relationships, not personal achievements, to create meaningful work.

When those 3 important critical beliefs are understood and in place, you can jump into the 5 critical steps to finding a career that fits who you are.

1. Building a base of competence and credibility is the first critical step to finding a career that fits who you are. It’s not just the technical competence you want. It’s the ability and understanding of what makes people tick. This is what opens the door moving forward. No matter what you do – climb, burn, jump off the ladder, there is no way around building that base. It’s about the people you surround yourself with and building credibility — which gives us the base for building relationships. You simply cannot blow by it.


Listen to the remaining 4 critical steps to finding a career that fits who you are with Dr. Alan Patterson and Jay Izso in “A New Direction Podcast: Finding the Career that Fits You.

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About the A New Direction Podcast and Jay Izso

A New Direction podcast is hosted by Jay Izso. Jay Izso is a maverick coach, and the syndicated radio show/podcast host of A New Direction. He is a speaker and writer, who inspires clients, audiences, businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, and teams, all over the world.