Book Review: A New Kind of Leadership Advice Tutorial

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Burn Ladders Build Bridges. Book Review by Colin Jordan.

Here’s a highlight from the review:

It eschews the typical, cold, brutish nature of many of its thematic predecessors — as its title would suggest. With Burn Ladders, Build Bridges: Pursuing Work with Meaning + Purpose, Patterson advocates for a more holistic, dynamic approach to looking at the world of work, industry, and corporations. But the traditions Patterson questions in the typical, career trajectory he argues stretch far beyond just said trajectory itself. It goes back to the foundational models of the very concepts applicable themselves.

A great example is in the book’s second chapter, where Patterson details the prospect of Achieve + Advance, a mentality that’s ingrained during childhood education. Said mentality promotes the concepts of winners and losers, right and wrong answers, and the necessary steps to pursuing said winners, and said right answers. In short, Patterson believes this is inherently flawed, and in a postmodernist workplace is something to wipe away. “Motivation is not the problem.