CEOWorld Magazine: The Corporate Ladder is Collapsing

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The Corporate Ladder is Collapsing

Here’s a snippet of the article:

The problem is the ladder is a mirage. It is based on a set of material rewards that, over time, lose their motivational power. It is an illusion, where the top is visible to only a few. Different rungs are all too similar in their exclusivity, especially at the higher levels. Women and people of color have known and experienced this forever.

Today, natural disasters, economic upheavals, and leaps in technology render certain jobs useless and skill sets obsolete. At one time, corporate jobs were models of certainty and predictability. Today’s social awakening and economic uncertainty expose the ladder for what it is—the road to not good enough.

 We are witnessing millions of workers leaving their jobs without having the next job, an indication that feeling stuck, valued or engaged is not a theoretical concept. How do we make sense out of this trend and what does it mean for the future of what today we know as “work?”

 Burn ladders and build bridges instead.

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