Climbing vs. Burning

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It’s not just what Ladderburners believe and how they think that make them unique. It’s what they do and how they do it.

Coincidently, the process of writing Burn Ladders. Build Bridges. has been a great example of this. And, quite the journey…

There were days I was on fire, in my zone, and the words poured out of me as I pondered all the individuals I’ve supported in career development over the years … and, the individuals who still come to me for guidance as they create their own unique career paths.

There were also days I wondered what the heck I was doing. Who cares that I’ve written a new book? Cue the last eblast and blog post.

For me, the writing was always about building a community of individuals who give a damn about their work and helping other people succeed. People, like you, who wake up, question the status quo, do their thing their unique way, and inevitably make a difference in the process.

Burn Ladders. Build Bridges. Pursuing Work with Meaning + Purpose. is finished and officially launches Friday, May 6 to be exact.

When you read it, I’m confident you’ll hear an attitude and challenge to pursue work that is meaningful and important to you.

Here’s another sneak peek with the Table of Contents and back of the book:

Patterson doesn’t offer tricks, gimmicks, or slogans of ten-steps-to-happiness. This is a book of deep wisdom as well as practical advice. Anyone who reads it will be wiser—and happier on the job—for it.”
– Mark Walters, professor, University of South Florida

Burn Ladders. Build Bridges. undoes the status-quo of career enhancement. Tearing up the playbook and finding breakthrough ways to create impact, build meaning, fuel your passion to do bigger, greater things–while enjoying the entire journey. No matter what stage you’re currently in.

Maybe you’re going from college to career and wondering how on earth you’re going to unlock all the business world has to offer.

Or maybe you’re the experienced professional who wants more out of their lot in life and to make work abundantly more fulfilling.

Or maybe you want to be that leader–the one who connects. Engages. Inspires. But haven’t had the mentor or the training to set you up for success.

No matter what your goals, what lies on these pages can put you on a path. An enlightening one.

Unlike other career wisdom, you’ll find the balance of theory and practicality. Of success and connection. And be able to demonstrate leadership and find your purpose in whatever position you’re in, organization you work for or business you create.

Burn Ladders. Burn Bridges. is ready to help you find the inherent joy in it all. Are you?

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