From Status Quo to Status “Quovid”

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Creative Visibility, a Novel Virus & Mega-Social Distancing

Normally I’d use this opportunity to lecture about why you have to take control of your professional development. Today, I’ll try – keyword try – to be less demanding.

Each of us are in our own version of the Poseidon Adventure. (Check out the 1972 film if you haven’t seen it.) One minute you’re dancing on the ballroom floor, the next you’re hanging on  from the ceiling.

The issue:

How do you maintain and increase your visibility when you are most likely way out of sight from anyone you work with … like miles away?

I believe Maslow got it right. When things are good, you can worry about self-esteem. When health and safety are the major concerns, higher level needs go out the window.

However, this doesn’t mean that you abandon the principles needed for a fulfilling life and career.

It just means putting things into perspective.

Building and managing relationships, not job expertise, is what makes you successful. And that still needs to be a priority.


Here’s why:

Relationships are the foundation for building a base of credibility.

Without it, you’ll feel stuck, frustrated, angry that you’re not moving ahead.

No one deserves credibility. It is not something you magically acquire just because you want it. You must earn it by committing and delivering what’s important to others, not what’s important to you.

It can take months to build, and minutes to destroy. Ouch.

Credibility cannot happen in a vacuum. It requires personal engagement. You must be visible to others, available, and open for business.


5 things you can do to increase your visibility when you’re
hunkered down in your home

  1. Think of 3 people on a personal level you need to contact to see how they’re doing.

    No agenda. Call, text, Skype, Zoom, Marco Polo. Talk over the fence. Enjoy this. Appreciate them.

  2. Think of 3 people at work with whom you want to maintain or increase visibility.

    This is not the normal project status update email.

    TALK to them – get their perspective on something important; like the project you’re working on together or a change you’re thinking about.

    Ask questions. Dig deeper. Listen.

  3. Pick one customer to have a heart to heart conversation with.

    This is not business as usual. Get their take on what’s going on – challenges they face, what they’re hearing from their customers.

    Offer to help them in some way.

  4. Volunteer to work on an organization-wide initiative.

    It may be staffing the corporation hotline, making and distributing meals, or setting up a distance learning workshop.

  5. Take one thing you need to work on but haven’t had the time or mindset to deal with.

    Something more strategic, like changing a process or aligning resources.

    Seek out 4-5 critical people that could be impacted by what you’ve thinking. Speak to them. Get their input.

    Create an action agenda. Figure out how you’ll sell it.

    Take a first step.

    Ready? It’s time to reach out.

    Now get to work.