A Good Job Does Not Speak for Itself

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Chief Executive Ladderburner, Alan Patterson, had the honor of chatting with Eric Dye, the host of Enterprise Radio about Alan’s book, Burn Ladders. Build Bridges. One of the key takeaways in this episode is the unique practices and skill sets that Ladderburners have – and how that equates to good leadership.

Here’s what Alan had to share about the conversation:

When you take ownership of your career development (and you come to the realization that your success is going to be measured), if you’re looking at the intrinsic value, it happens by building those relationships as opposed to individual achievement. That’s what good leaders understand.

Their job is to build organizational strength and capacity and what that means is there not doing the work, they’re helping other people be successful. 

Instead of being the center of your own universe, what you’re doing is putting other people and helping them be successful—being influential. 

Give it a listen:

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