Book Review: Bring on Hollywood

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Burn Ladders Build Bridges. Book Review by Garth Thomas, Hollywood Digest

Here’s a highlight from the review:

Alan M. Patterson’s book is one of those things where you think on the one hand it’s hardly original. But on the other, once you get past the cover, you realize this is no ordinary self-help, business or leadership advice tome. Patterson is able to mix and match the best of both worlds – regarding the old guard’s view of the corporate jungle, and the postmodernist, millennial-enforced sense of irreverence currently dominating workplace hierarchies. The result is the aptly titled Burn Ladders. Build Bridges.: Pursuing Work, with Meaning + Purpose, a sort of revisionist philosophy on achieving success in a 2020 set of workplace vistas. “People begin their professional careers by looking up at a ladder, hoping to see endless possibilities.

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