Indifference Is Killing Us

3 min. read

What does indifference have to do with anything?


There may have been a time when you could get away with being indifferent.

Perhaps you just looked the other way.

Didn’t bother to get involved.

If you saw something, you said nothing.

It’s just easier to mind your own business.

To walk on by.

No More.

Indifference is the enemy.

And it must be destroyed – first, in your head, and then across communities.

Do you know who indifference inflicts the most pain on?


Wait, what?

Yup, you heard me! When you are indifferent about who you are … indifferent about pursuing meaningful, engaging work – or not giving a damn about the welfare of others, frankly, you’re dying. 

It’s dumb. It’s stupid. It’s all of the above.

It drains your emotional batteries and diminishes your impact on people and the world.

It’s a waste with disastrous effects. Kind of like methane that builds up in the landfill and explodes in an instant.

People hide in their feelings of doubt and indifference.

Many suffer silently with feelings of inadequacy … as “impostors” waiting for others to discover they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

Guess what? Join the Club.

When there’s self-doubt, why would you ever take a stand?

It’s really a good cover.

A complete cop-out.

A victim of uncertainty?

“Oh, I’m not sure I should get involved.”

Give me a break.

Nonetheless, there are those that fight through their head stuff and give a damn.

Put themselves out there.

Build relationships.

They know they don’t have it all figured out, but that doesn’t stop them.  

They engage.

They find their voices.


They use their voices for the good.


Thinking that another person, organization or the corporate ladder will engineer self-indifference out of your psyche is just wishful thinking. More like denial.

No one cares about how meaningful your life and career are more than you. Not even your mother.

You can’t afford to be indifferent about yourself. 

YOU have to discover what is important to you and go find people and organizations who share and live your perspective.

Community indifference is irresponsible and unjust. 

Self-indifference is one thing.

Community indifference separates us. Kills us.

I’m not telling you to take on the suffering of the world.

You must, however, take on the suffering that you KNOW exists in your backyard – and that you can do something about.    

Being numb doesn’t mean being dumb. And it sure as hell doesn’t mean you are helpless. 

Stand up. 


Be counted and proud of it. 


We Must Fight Indifference.

 Don’t avoid what’s important. Face it head on.

 Don’t see what makes us different. See what makes us the same.

Don’t fear fearLive with it.

Don’t look away. Establish eye contact.

Don’t be a bystander. Speak up. Speak out. Speak loud.

Don’t think you have to change the course of human history. Just make your dent in it.

Not tomorrow.