IVY EXEC: What If Climbing the Corporate Ladder is Not the Answer?

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What If Climbing the Corporate Ladder is Not the Answer?

If you’re looking for career self-help, you’ve found the perfect place.

This article – which is essential career guidance – pulls back the curtain on the illusion and promises of the typical corporate ladder climb as individuals strive to get ahead at work.

Chief Executive Ladderburner and author, Alan Patterson, calls out the roadblocks of focusing on the ladder alone – specifically highlighting “the ladder is broken, stressed by the lack of diversity, inequity, exclusion, and emotional stability.”

Keep reading for exploration of the options available to you, as well as a different approach to career development.

Here’s a sneak peek of the featured article:

A ladder-climbing culture rests on the personal belief that your organization looks out for your best interest.

They are responsible for the path of your career. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Climbing the ladder is a mirage for most people. 

The person that needs to control your career development is you. No one is more invested. Even the most enlightened, talent-oriented organizations do not have the savvy to tap into your personal motivation. External rewards like signing bonuses and promotions are noble but short-term fixes. Their other available tool is the culture. While the culture sounds good, it takes a level of leadership commitment and perseverance that most organizations don’t have.   

Changing the ladder system is near impossible, and it is not your role. But changing your approach to work is both possible and within your control. 


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