Learning Lab: Are you Ready to Delegate?

2 min. read

Here’s what you do:

  1. Take a look at your schedule for the next week.
  2. Create a Delegation Worksheet (mockup below). This isn’t anything complicated. Grab your Lab Notebook or a journal and divide it into 4 columns (No Oversight, Moderate Oversight, Continuous Oversight, Can’t Give Up).
  3. If you were to delegate each of the tasks, how much oversight is required? To what extent is the current capability of the person you’re considering to perform the task?
  4. Place the task with the person in the appropriate column.
  5. Look over the completed list.
  6. Round up 1-2 lab partners to perform the same experiment. Discuss the following:
    • What does it say about your readiness to delegate critical tasks?
    • How can you restructure your schedule to delegate more? 
    • Where and how should you spend your time?


No Oversight

Moderate Oversight

Continuous Oversight

Can’t Give Up

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About the Ladderburner Learning Lab:
In Burn Ladders. Build Bridges. Pursuing Work with Meaning + Purpose, Patterson shares an essential formula for Ladderburners in pursuit of more at work. Chapter 7 dives into two of those skillsets – how to build a base of competence and credibility. This can be done through the Learning Lab – an approach to learning as much as you can about your job, the people around you, what success looks like, and how things really work inside the workplace. Learn more about the Ladderburner Learning Lab.