Learning Lab: How do you talk to yourself?

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Achieve and advance is something we’re taught very early on in life. It’s the foundation of our educational system – whether you like it or not.

It’s no surprise millions strive for that next title or promotion as a means to experience success at work – and often in life.

In fact, for many individuals, this limiting belief leads to an inevitable cycle of always reaching for the next achievement or rung on the ladder – constantly comparing ourselves to others. Feeling like we’re never quite good enough.

It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

So, when will we finally feel like we’re “good enough”?

In our chat with Kaitlyn Kenealy, author & psychotherapist of Kenealy Counseling, we discussed the hurdles to this frequent career challenge. Kaitlyn shares how she helps her clients – and specifically what she’s personally experienced in her professional growth.

Watch a clip of our conversation where we explore a common hurdle to knowing ourselves and BELIEVING in ourselves.

  • What do you say to yourself every day? The way we talk to ourselves is key.
  • What themes are you noticing? Are you kind or judgmental?
  • Make some notes on your current self-talk and for each one, write down what you’d prefer to say instead.

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