Not getting a promotion is a big deal.

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Burn Ladders. Build Bridges. is a practical guide to contemplating your career development, what success looks like, and taking it all to the next level.

Check out this sneak peek of the Prologue from the book. You’ll experience Alan’s impassionated insights – alongside a solid taste for the core concepts within the book.

Top prologue takeaways include:

  • Exposing the risk with assumptions about what it would take to get promoted
  • Exploring the blurred line between personal and professional success
  • Naming the hazards of measuring your success based on your ability to climb the corporate ladder
  • How the ever-changing organizational and employee dynamics are influencing an emphasis on culture as a means of engagement
  • Who is responsible for your career development and finding work with meaning & purpose…

Listen to a preview of the book now: Burn Ladders. Build Bridges. Pursuing Work with Meaning + Purpose.

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