The Ladderburner Team

Meet the team of people dedicated to spreading the word about a better way to get ahead at work.

Dr. Alan Patterson

Author, lead troublemaker

Alan has inspired hundreds of clients over the past four decades – but not by using standard coaching methods. Instead, he guides career-driven professionals down a path toward meaningful work that is not only successful but also rewarding.

Jenny Knuth

Creative Director, Author & Book Promotion

Jenny is a natural knowledge seeker, dreamer, and has a unique artistry in sharing powerful information. She loves channeling her creativity everywhere she casts her attention, from leadership development and work life culture to being a wizard of branding and design.   

Nick Pretasky

Leadership coach

Nick Pretasky holds the foundational belief that we cannot summit the mountain as leaders without our people. He recently founded Humanistic Leadership, LLC and is passionate about supporting leaders with the core human skills they need in order to excel in today’s dynamic world of work. 

Our Ambassadors

These are the AMAZING people bringing Ladderburning and bridge building to life EVERY DAY.

Ladderburners, unite!

If you choose purpose over power, collective advancement over solo achievements, this mindset & community is for you.