Real Conversation

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Do you obsess about creating that email to make sure that every word conveys the message you want?

How about the presentation where every slide has to be just so or otherwise the delivery will be a disaster?

What a burden to bear. Most people are just “ok” when if comes to written communication of a variety of sorts.  I’m not opposed to better writing skills. Clarity with intent is a real art form in my book. But that’s not where I think the focus needs to be for this day and this time. 

We need good, solid, dare I say old-fashioned conversations.

I have something to say, we get together. I talk, you listen. You talk, I listen. Sometimes just discussions, sometimes decisions.  And we do that over and over again. It’s the preferred way to communicate and get stuff accomplished. 

Email is one-way communication.

Other than conveying information, it sucks. Overused. People hide behind it. 

Presentations can convince and inform…

But if you want to know what someone thinks about what you’re selling, why not talk to them. I don’t care what picture or infographic you use, nothing will be more effective than asking “give me your thoughts about this idea.”

Don’t let a screen stop you from picking up the phone or walking down the hall to speak to that person. See how that works for you.