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It’s easy to buy into the belief that we have to do more to have more to be more. This interview challenges that mindset and encourages readers to think differently.

Check out a preview of the “Redefining Success” interview:

How would our lives improve if we changed our definition of success?
People are more engaged when they liberate what is truly motivating to them. Engagement is an individual, not an organizational responsibility. Right now, businesses are scrambling to hire and retain talent. Gallup reports that only 35% of employees are engaged at work. When more individuals in the workforce take ownership for engagement and work with their organizations to create meaningful work, think what could happen if engagement increased by 5%? 10%? 15%?

We’re all looking for answers about how to be successful now. Could you please share “5 Ways To Redefine Success Now?”
1. Success is liberating one’s internal motivation.
When people follow what’s critical and important to them, they free themselves from the judgments of others and the measurement of money, titles, and status to determine their value. I have a colleague who made a career change by moving into her own business. She loved what she did before, but she enjoys what she’s doing now more. It’s riskier but more personally motivating.

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